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Dear Dr. Kapusta,

I want to thank you and your staff for the care that you gave me in the treatment of the huge varicose vein on my left lower extremity. My wife has urged me to have it taken care of for more than a decade. When it began to give me symptoms, I realized that it was time to do so. I felt that with your background and experience you would be the ideal physician to take care of the problem.

The endovascular laser ablation and microphlebectomies achieved an outstanding result. I had relatively minor discomfort after the procedure and was able to return to work immediately after the bandage was removed the day following surgery. I was back exercising on a treadmill two days after surgery. The pain that I did experience was essentially gone by the fourth week and I was able to resume my full exercise routine including lower extremity exercises.

You and your staff provided me with clear instructions that were helpful in preparing me for the procedure and the postoperative recovery period. If you have any patients who you think might benefit from talking to me before undergoing what I did, I would be happy to speak with them (and even show them my legs).

Arthur H.
Thanks, Dr. Kapusta. My leg looks "perfect" now. - Mike
To Dr. Kapusta and Staff,

Many thanks for your professionalism, kindness and care during my three surgeries in February and follow up visits. Your friendly and relaxed office helped make the vein removal surgery comfortable.

All the best to you and your kind staff in the future.

Dr. M. Kapusta & Staff,

We appreciate all the good work you have done on George's vein closure and removal. Your expertise in this field was evident by the excellent results.

We really appreciate your caring staff & the way they put us at ease – especially Donna & all her follow-up calls.

In essence, we feel you & your staff operate with a very high level of professionalism. You can be sure we will recommend you to our friends.

Sincere Gratitude,
G. H.
Dr. M. Kapusta & Staff,

I am so very glad I was referred to your center for treatment of my bulging vein. From the moment I walked into your center I felt at ease. By the time I left the consultation, I was confident that this definitely is the place for the vein procedure I needed.

During the procedure of the Phlebectomy and Endovenous Laser Ablation, the amount of care I received was superb, like nothing I've had anywhere else. I have a history of fainting spells during procedures but you and your staff are the only ones who have ever helped me not to faint. Donna and Rachel are valuable assets to your center.

But the care did not stop there. That evening, after office hours Donna called to see how I was doing. Then she called the next morning as well. I'm sure that this is just part of the professional, excellent care that is given to every one of your patients.

Dr. Kapusta, I can tell that you have nothing but the highest regards for the well-being and self consciousness of your patients. You and your staff are the best. I highly and gladly recommend you to anyone with vein problems. My leg is beautiful thanks to you!

Diane P
Dr. M. Kapusta & Staff,

For over 15 years I had experienced varicose veins on my right 
leg near my knee. I was less concerned about their being ugly 
(although they were) than the fact that they hurt and were getting worse over time. The standard advice is to keep you feet up, wear a stocking, etc., none of which is a permanent cure.

In May 2005 I came to your office and received endovenous laser ablation and phlebectomy. The varicose veins, and the dull ache they brought, are gone. My only regret is that I didn't have the procedure done sooner. Thanks for improving my quality of life!

Dave R. 
Houston IS Tech Writer
Direct Energy
Dear Dr. Kapusta, Donna, Rachel & Staff,

Thank you so much for working on my varicose veins. It has been six months since my procedures and I feel great and am extremely happy to be wearing shorts this summer. You all are very professional, courteous and proud of what you do for your patients. Thanks again!

Erin S.
Dear Dr. Kapusta, Donna, Rachel & Staff,

Thank you so much for making my leg beautiful again! You all did such a great job and were so kind and helpful during my entire care.

I've always felt so self-conscious about the veins on my leg & now I feel comfortable wearing a skirt again. Thank you too Dr. Kapusta for getting rid of those ugly spider veins. You are so nice to do that for me. I'm telling everyone at Continental to come see you & how great of a job you all did.

Thanks so much,
April M.
I became increasingly uncomfortable with the appearance of a varicose vein that was located on my front shin. It bulged out noticeably and I stopped wearing shorts and even capris. This made for a long, hot summer.

I contacted Dr. Kapusta’s office for a consultation after he was highly recommended by another doctor’s office. I had a list of questions that I wanted to address prior to my appointment. All of these questions were graciously answered by his office staff in a very expedient manner. We communicated via email, which is very convenient for busy professionals. On the day of my consultation I was made instantly comfortable by the friendly and professional staff. Dr. Kapusta was extremely thorough in his examination. He patiently answered a myriad of questions regarding my options. He was gracious from start to finish during the examination. I elected to have the Phlebectomy and Endovenous Laser Ablation that he recommended.

My surgery went perfectly. I was back at work the following day albeit a little bit sore. I am so delighted to have a normal appearance to my leg again. I was very impressed with Dr. Kapusta and his office staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone. There is no reason to live with something as unsightly as a varicose vein. The surgery is easy and the recuperation is minimal. I am Vice President of a local cosmetics firm and my days off are at a premium. I am confident in saying that even the busiest professional can fit this surgery into their schedule. I always appreciate great service in any venue because it is so rare to find that nowadays. I was very pleased with my experience at The Houston Vein Center.

Wendy B.
Vice President of Sales
Franche Cosmetics

Franche Cosmetics
Division of Francie Willis Enterprises
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